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If you live in the Netherlands we can organize a small-scale course for you in English, as we do in Dutch. The course material is available in English. Click here to learn more about the course, which can be held in Amsterdam or Deventer. There is no timetable as such for these courses, as each course is arranged personally with the participants, so it is on an 'on demand' basis. We usually think in terms of Touch Direct Part I: the first part of the complete beginners' course. Please see the next paragraph.

Our complete beginners' course comprises about 22 hours of instruction, but these days we divide this into two parts of 12 hours each (Touch Direct Parts I and II: 'direct' because you can start massaging directly after Part I). During Part I you learn the basic principles and also how you can give a complete massage. In Part II you learn a deeper technique (petrissage: kneading) so that your massage has an even more professional feel to it. Reckon on about 12 hours per part, though the actual length will depend on many different factors, all to be arranged in advance with the instructor.

Due to the small scale of these courses, it's no problem to arrange a course with a mixed (m/f) pair, or with two women or two men.

The price of the course may vary slightly according to exactly what is arranged (the length of course, number of participants and so forth). 230 to 270 per person is, however, a fair indication, plus the course book at 18. The basic course price includes 21% VAT, the book 6% VAT.

To get even more out of the course, you may order the book and/or DVD in advance. You will pay 5 for post and packaging, but have the time to prepare more thoroughly.

Please send us an e-mail to let us know you're interested. Please give your name (and gender if this might not be clear to us from your name) and your preferred location (Amsterdam or Deventer), also your preference for a mixed (m/f) or single-sex group. You commit to nothing at this stage, but the instructor will contact you to arrange dates and in general discuss things further. If you are attending alone you may be asked either to supply a 'model' to work on or to wait until at least one further person shows interest in the same type of course. Rest assured that we will not ask for payment until absolutely everything has been arranged to your satisfaction. Note also that we are taking great care with regard to your privacy. We never have and never will share any details with third parties and any mails and so forth will be deleted from our files as soon as they are no longer relevant. This is also in line with the 2018 GDPR.

We specialize in:

Individual massage
Everyone needs time out, an hour for him- or herself. Touch masseurs have considerable experience in providing good, deep massages for stress release. You are in good hands! Read more ...


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