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Here you can read about the essentials of a Touch Amsterdam beginners' course.

As you can read on the main course page, we usually split our beginners' course into two parts. This helps you to get massaging as soon as possible.
The price of such a Part I or Part II course depends on what is agreed with the teacher regarding number of people, the length of the course in that particular situation and so forth. Usually each part lasts 12 hours and this costs € 230-270 per person plus the coursebook at € 18.
We would like to stress that you are under no obligation until the timing and structure of a course are agreed with the teacher in question, nor will you be asked to pay the course fee or any part of it until everything has been arranged to your satisfaction.

Please in general check out the FAQ’s and don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions. Touch Amsterdam is a massage practice owned and run by an Englishman.

We specialize in:

Individual massage

Everyone needs time out, an hour for him- or herself. Touch masseurs have considerable experience in providing good, deep massages for stress release. You are in good hands! Read more ...


Please see the links above for all information in English about our courses.