Please remember that by registering in this way, you are simply expressing your serious interest in following a course. Only when all details (dates and times, group composition) have been satisfactorily agreed directly with the teacher, does participation become definite. At this initial stage there is no commitment.

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(You can pay for the book and/or DVD along with the course fee after receipt of the confirmation letter. The postage and packing fees apply to the Netherlands. NB Commentary in five languages is to be found on the one DVD.

General terms and conditions, Touch courses

  1. You can apply to join a course by sending this on-line form or the form in the Touch Amsterdam folder. Applications by e-mail, letter or telephone are not accepted.
  2. Touch Amsterdam courses are intensive. If you have doubts about your health or your capacity to absorb new information, it is advisable to seek advice (for example from your family physician) before applying.
  3. If you know that you have a (medical) condition that might influence the giving or receiving of massage safely, you must mention this in advance. Touch will investigate together with you whether it is advisable to join the course. General contra-indications include: heart problems, exhaustion, fever; various forms of cancer; pregnancy (first 3 months contra-indicated: thereafter a special pregnancy massage exists); diabetes (depending on type and extent). HIV/AIDS is not in itself a contra-indication. Local contra-indications (the part of the body affected may not be massaged) include varicose veins and skin conditions including open or healing wounds. These lists are in no way comprehensive. Consult your GP!
  4. You are welcome to attend with a friend or acquaintance, but you are equally welcome alone. You do not need to provide a partner. (See Modus operandi, below.)
Confirmation and payment
  1. You will receive a letter of confirmation by post. In this letter are given details of, amongst other things, the course location, a route description, the exact course times, what you need to bring with you, what to wear, how to pay.
  2. Payment is in principle due upon receipt of the confirmation letter. Should your application be very early, Touch may decide that payment can be postponed. In this case this will be clearly stated in the confirmation letter. A payment reminder is not sent.
  3. Payment in installments is possible on condition that this is agreed in advance with Touch Amsterdam. The total sum due for the course must, however, be deposited in Touch's bank account before the course begins. Your place will not be retained without full payment, and you will be excluded from participation in the course.
Cancellation and suspension
  1. If you have to cancel, the following conditions apply:
    • up to two weeks before the beginning of the course, the course fee minus EUR 10.00 will be returned;
    • between two weeks before the beginning of the course and the beginning of the course, the course fee minus EUR 50.00 will be returned, except that:
    • on the first course day (including the day on which an evening course begins), Touch retains the right to retain the complete course fee. This is most dependent on the exact circumstances. Touch will be as fair as possible, but the decision of Touch is final.
  2. If you stop during the course, no money will be returned. Participation in a later course is sometimes offered, but Touch is not obliged to do this.
  3. Should the teachers come to the conclusion that participation in a course is not, or no longer, desirable, they retain the right to suspend a student from further participation. The most usual reasons for this could be: (a) that the student is obviously not able to absorb the material taught; (b) the student's health is not strong enough; (c) behaviour of a student that is considered by the teachers to be undesirable. (This list is not exhaustive.) In such a situation, Touch will decide on possible restitution of some of the course fee.
Modus operandi
  1. A technique is demonstrated by the teacher, after which the students try out the technique on each other, under the teacher's guidance.
  2. Classical massage is applied to the bare skin. No exception to this can be made.
  3. In the case of courses in which the sessions are separated by a week or more, each student agrees to practise at least once a week between the course sessions. Practising is more effective when done with a fellow student, but this is not a binding condition because it might for practical reasons prove impossible.

Although every care will be taken to promote the safety and health of students, Touch takes absolutely no responsibility for this. A course is followed at the student's own risk. This applies also to any loss of or damage to the student's personal property.

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Individual massage
Everyone needs time out, an hour for him- or herself. Touch masseurs have considerable experience in providing good, deep massages for stress release. You are in good hands! Read more ...

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