A massage course in English (various groups)

We are not organizing any large-scale, open massage course in English any more, but our teachers in Amsterdam and Deventer can organize a small-scale course in English and our course material is available in English. If you let us know that you are interested, the teacher will contact you to arrange dates and times. There need to be at least two participants, though one person wishing to learn and providing a partner to work on can be considered. Alternatively, should you be alone, we can ask you to wait until another person shows interest. The following points may be of interest.

In principle we present the basic Touch beginners’ course in classical massage which we have developed and refined over a period of 20 years. About 2500 people have attended such a course. These days we divide this course into two parts, each lasting about 12 hours and the second of which is optional. The material lends itself ideally to this. We call this approach Touch Direct, because you can apply the skills directly after the first part of the course. Click on the separate icons for the other aspects of the Touch practices.

Our courses are of high quality and are quite demanding of our students, but this means you learn a lot in a short time. It is excellent value for money. The main quality features are:

You do need to practise a lot, so please bear this in mind before embarking on a course. Moving house, changing jobs, setting up a company or getting married or divorced is not a good time to add a Touch course to your burdens.

Please consult the other pages for more information. If you are interested in the possibility of a course, please send us an e-mail. Please state your name (also gender if this is not obvious from the name), the kind of group (mixed m/f), and the preferred location (Amsterdam or Deventer). The teacher concerned will then contact you to discuss the possibilities. There is absolutely no commitment at these early stages. Furthermore, we take your privacy seriously. Your data are safe with us and will be deleted as soon as there is no longer any need for them.

We specialize in:

Individual massage

Everyone needs time out, an hour for him- or herself. Touch masseurs have considerable experience in providing good, deep massages for stress release. You are in good hands! Read more ...

Beginners' course

This page concerns the course.