Book - Massage: Basics for Beginnners

Massage: Basics for Beginners – our massage book in English

Based on the beginners' course book of Touch Amsterdam, this is a book to help you build step by step a basic massage to relax family and friends. (This is classical massage, not Shiatsu.) Such a book is also of course the perfect birthday or Christmas present (or just … the perfect present!). You're giving someone you care for something invaluable: the gift of touch. (And who knows … you might get a massage in return!)

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We specialize in:

Individual massage

Everyone needs time out, an hour for him- or herself. Touch masseurs have considerable experience in providing good, deep massages for stress release. You are in good hands! Read more ...


If you live in the Netherlands we can organize a small-scale course for you in English, as we do in Dutch. As you see, the course book and the DVD are available in English. Click here to learn more about the course, which can be held in Amsterdam or Deventer.